Key Features

Firing wood logs, brown coal, Lignite, coke, and pellet (with addition of pellet burner)

Water cooled and finned bottom grade

Scaled thermometer

EN-GJL 200 grade grey cast Iron boiler body, good ginishing

Combustion controlled by thermostatic primary air regulation, manual adjustment on secondary air

High Heat Transfer Rate Due To Finned Design Of Cast Iron Section


Key Features

Unique flue circulation principle gasses through passages resulting smoooth turbulance, less back prsessure and higher efficiency

Original assymmetric section assembly

Faster fire-up intervals between fuel re-loads due to easy access of air inside combustion chamber, thanks to vertical finned combustion chamber surfaces.


Optional features

Cooling loop with safety valve

Version with fan and electronics

Optional pellet burner asssembly door to match majority burners in the market. Two door operation ensures faster switching from one fuel to another

Safety features Kappa F


Safety thermostat


Auto switch-off when there is no fuel


High current protection

Energy saving features Kappa F


Programmed CH pump activation


Combustion fan speed modulation


ECO and NIGHT modes

Technical data