Key Features

Range 18 to 48 kW

Suitable for firing of dry wood logs

Large and tall fuel loading chamber optimized for gasification process

Exhaust fan speed modulation

Auto activated by-pass system with loading door switch

Auto switch-off when there is no fuel

Flue gas thermostat

High efficiency due to increased and smoke tubed water heating surfaces (up to 92%)

Primary and secondary air regulation

Room thermostat connection

DHW pump connection



Dry internal surface by double wall in fuel loading chamber, results in less condensation rate and better boiler protection, as well as higher gasification ratio and easier surface cleaning

Three front doors for better ignition, operation and cleaning of the boiler (except for SLS 18)

Integrated cooling loop for protection against over-heating

Integrated fan scroll at flue, ensures low pressure drops at flue, and enables several outlet positions (vertical or horizontal)

Safety features


Safety thermostat


Antifreeze function


Auto switch-off when there is no fuel


Protection against over-heating

Stylish unique control panel with useful features

Internal structure

Technical data