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Our company is based on the view that the most basic and valuable element that constitutes an organization for manfacturing in accordance with the standards settled by Pressure Equipment Directive, is its employees and other related parties.

At BOYSIS, our Quality Policy summarises the essential elements of our commitment for excellence, in order to minimize accidents, occupational diseases and damages, to create a healthy and safe working environment and to ensure its continuity;

To provide quality products and services with our expert and experienced staff, and strong infrastructure, understanding of continous development and improvement; while performing these services, to undertake to comply with the legal requirements and to make our commercial partnes the focal point of our activities.

Maintaining competitiveness depends on improving service quality as well as continuity. In this context, BOYSIS operates a continuous improvement cycle with customer feedback, preventive actions, internal audits and suggestion development practices.

To develop and implement quality assurance recommendation systems to increase efficiency and productivity, which fall within its sectoral fields of activity.

To adopt all employees and related parties with the necessary information and training,
not to risk the health and safety of themselves, other employees and company visitors.

To make continous improvements by following the technology,

To ensure the participation of relevant parties and employees,

In line with our main principle of “respect” people, society and the environment and our main goal of pioneering we commit;

To operate by complying with the environmental legislation related to our business,

To undertake to operate in a manner that protects the environmental quality and the health and safety of our employees and society.

To prevent dangerous environments that can cause accidents.

To reduce emergency risks, to take necessary safety precautions in all our activities in advance.

To base on the environmental management system and provide continuous improvements,

To protect global resources,

To raise awareness of our staff with environmental training.