Automatic power control

We develope our boilers with electronic systems which makes us able to adjust heating power according to desired water temperature or room temperature, through adjustment of feeding rate (depending on type of the boiler and fan speed.

Thanks to this technology, we deliver;

• More comfortable heating

• Higher seasonal efficiency

• Lower maintenance need

• Lower heating cost

• Lower fuel consumption

• Long period of heating with one loading of fuel

Weather (outside temperature) sensor

Weather temperature changes in day dramatically, and heated areas heat loss changes by the time. With weather sensor which is installed outside of the heating area, boiler is able to adjust the water temperature according to outside weather temperature. With this functionality, when weather is colder, water temperature increases and when weather temperature is higher, water temperature decreases. This way, heated area temperature stays more stable and comfortable.

• Thanks to this improvement, we have the following features;

• System adjusts water temperature according to weather temperature

• More comfortable heating with stable room temperature

• No need to manual adjustment of water temperature

• Higher seasonal efficiency because of lower heating energy loss

• Warmer on nights and mornings without any adjustments

Remote control

New connectivity technologies help us control everything just by pressing a few buttons. IoT technology particularly, helps us control everything via phones in our pockets.

To reach higher standards in technology and provide comfort to our customers, we have opportunity to connect Wi-fi module to our products, ability to control from remote controller, set combustion times with chrono settings and connect room thermostat for zone control.

Thanks to these Technologies, We offer

• Connection to internet with IoT technology

• Connection to product with Android or IOS devices remotely

• Visualize status of product

• Check temperatures

• Check graphics

oAdjust thermostats

• Start ignition before going home

oStart extinguishing

• Set weekly active hours with chrono settings

• Weather information from internet

• Error visualization

• Power management

• Remote service (coming soon)

• High seasonal efficiency

• Low consumption of fuel

Lambda sonda for wood combustion

With the help of gasification technology, wood log boilers became more efficient and emissions became lower than before. But with automatic regulation of power supplied by boiler, every different power needs adjustment of primary and secondary aeration. Thanks to lambda sonda and integrated software, we have developped the boiler to make these adjustments automatically according to oxygen level in flue gas. According to change of oxygen level in the flue gas, special type of servo motors adjusts primary and secondary air volume to ensure ecological burning in every power level.

Thanks to this technology;

• Efficiency increased

• Lower fuel consumption

• Higher burning time with one firing up

• Adjustable heat output according to need

• Stable flame

• Ecological burning

• Always same performance

• Lower maintenance needs

• Low consumption of fuel

Robotic contribution at production process

We try to implement more and more CNC technology and robotics in our process, to improve our production quality, and repeatability.

Lately, we have integrated robotic bending center to our metal processing lines, in order to improve our production speed, presicion and quality, and extend design flexibility.